Monday, 16 April 2007

Can I hibernate through summer, please?

Something is seriously wrong with the weather. It's April, it shouldn't be this warm. There certainly shouldn't be people out sunbathing. This is most unfortunate knitwise, since most of the projects I've set my mind on are distinctly wintery. Bother.

I made a list this evening of all the things I want to knit over the next few months. First of all obviously I want to finish my Jaywalkers and knit a pair of Waffle Socks for Nan. After that, seeing as I've already brought the super lovely yarn, I'm going to knit Ysolda's Lace-up Opera Gloves. I'm keen to knit a couple other gloves/mitts as well: Eunny's Endpaper Mitts and Tua Cha on MagKnits. I'd love also to have a go at getting the Mary Jane's Pithy Hat done in time for Spiderman 3, but seeing as that's really not far away now (yay!) and I don't have yarn and needles perhaps I might be pushing my luck. Feels nice to have lots of projects lined up anyway.

I'm in Oxford only until tomorrow then back up north again. On Wednesday I have a formal interview for a medical lab assistant post in Doncaster. Last week I had an informal chat and some tests, and I feel lucky to be called back again even if I don't get the job. It'll be an experience if nothing else. Only two and a half weeks left now til I relocate northwards properly. I'll definitely be sad to leave Oxford, but being able to be with my beloved permanently is more important to me than anything else.

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WoolyWorm said...

Dear Laura,
Good luck with your job hunt! What sort of work are you doing? I was a Biochemistry lab tech. (they called it Senior Research Analyst .. ha!)years ago at the University of Kentucky. My field was Molecular Genetics, but it was back in the dark ages of that science. I wouldn't have a clue about the things people are doing today. I practice law now.

Yeah, I was a bit disappointed in the yarn experience in Oxfordshire. But I never would have found even the one shop I did find without your help. I feel lucky that here in Northern Kentucky there are two cosy yarn shops in easy driving distance with tons of yarn and comfortable seating and coffee so people can gather and visit while they knit. Still, having said that, I find it cheaper to order online and I buy a lot from KnitPicks online.

I hope my blog doesn't sound like I'm complaining too much. We did find the parking situation trying, but that's what one expects when one visits towns that pre-date automobile traffic. And, of course, the Macbeth thing was simply hysterically funny in retrospect. Overall, we had a lovely time and we'll always remember the War of the Roses recreators at Warwick and the hill fort at Cadbury in particular.

Lift a cup at the Queen's Lane Coffeeshop for me.

Thanks, and again, good luck!