Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Poor frogged sock

Well, so much for keeping at it. The Green Oddity has been frogged. The heel flap on the basic pattern I was using was just irritating me too much and I couldn't work out where I was going wrong or even if I was. Poor sock.

I'm still determined to get my first pair of socks knitted by Christmas,mind. My current thinking is I'll have a go at Thuja and just pray I get it right this time. But oh well, at least frogging is therapeutic.

[P.S. Poor sock is still not finished, mainly because I left it behind when I went away before Christmas. Then got distracted by other projects. Typical, really.]

Monday, 27 November 2006

Black yarn needed

I have now completely run out of the black DK yarn I need for my crocheted scarf! Found a small, ancient ball at the bottom of my stash that kept me going for a while, but that's now all gone and the only stuff I could find locally was £3.50 a ball. Sod that for a game of soldiers when I can get some for £1.30 back home. I might have to ask my mum very nicely if she can buy me a ball and bring it up when she and Dad visit this weekend.

And I now also have a few balls of black worsted on my "to buy" list. Firstly for my new wrist-warmers -- I decided on these over Fetching in the end. They look much more cosy. Secondly, I stumbled upon a delightful pattern for an "As-Worn-By-Kirsten-Dunst Hat". I bow down to the glorious "make-me"-ness of it. Saw something similar while out shopping the other day, but dithered over buying it since a) I have no money to speak of, and b) I was sure there'd a pattern for making it out there somewhere. And so there was.

In non-black yarn news, I've at last moved into new lands and started on the heel of the Green Oddity. Have no idea how it's really going. I think they'll end up very scruffy bed-sock like, but I'm going to keep at it.

Monday, 20 November 2006

Of scarves and socks and such

Finally managed to get back from my parents' house the black double-crochet scarf (my first crochet project) I've been working on for winter. I'm constructing it sideways and am quite pleased with how it is going so far, though am very impatient to get it finished so I can wear it. The weather's starting to turn gorgeous and crisp. Running out of the DK yarn I've been using for it though, so looks a trip to buy more might be in order this week (yay!).

I'm also determined to get some more work done on the Green Oddity over the next few days, since I've just finished a monster of an essay and have have something of a deadline lull for couple of weeks. Got quite a back-log of DVDs to enjoy while doing so. Lovely :)

Finally, my wrist-warmers I knitted for myself last year are starting to look a bit tatty, so I'm thinking I might have to make a new pair. Perhaps Fetching by Cheryl Niamath on Knitty. I'm not sure yet though, since I'm terribly attached to the old pair, bless them.

Monday, 13 November 2006

Herebe my new knitting blog

And I have absolutely no idea what to write. Other than I am currently working on my first sock, a green oddity based on this pattern and using the Socks 101 as some vague kind of guidance. So far I feel it is going well but I am yet to attempt the heel. Oh well.

BUT! I have also been very nerdy and spent far longer than I should have done constructing my knitter's code:


Version: 1.1

KER++ Exp SPM+ Steel+@ Syn+ Wool Nov-- Stash+ Scale(+)>++ Fin FI+>+++ Tex+ Lace Flat++ DPN+ KIP>+++ Blog !FO WIP+ GaugeDK++WB ALTCr++X(=)>Sp