Sunday, 12 August 2007

Bad blogger, no, er, biscuit

Hmm, four weeks since I first started my new job and I'm not sure where my time has wandered off too. It's gone faster than I could've imagined possible and I've got all left behind. Something like that, anyway, though I'm rather enjoying myself so I certainly shalln't complain. It's nice to be busy :)

Other than the work (and Potter: wonderful end of the series for me, though I feel very behind-the-times mentioning it now!), my last few weeks have been very much dominated by awaiting the arrival of my "new" spinning wheel. We finally went to fetch it last weekend, my dad driving up to Northumberland with me, Scott and my mum to collect (we were staying the weekend with my parents in a cottage they'd rented in North Yorkshire). To make a day of it, we took a trip to Hadrain's wall afterwards which was great old ruin geeky fun (if such a thing exists, and I'm sure it should if not).

My spinning wheel

I've been spinninga little each evening since we got the wheel back and feel I am slowly getting the hang of it. And getting quite addicted too, but I guess that's a given. The fibre in the picture is the Sheltand I've been using for the Luna Moth Shawl, which I am trying to spin up to the same weight as I was getting with the drop spindle so I can continue spinning for the project with my wheel. I've also spun and plied two bobins full of yarn:

First plied yarns

On the left is my first attempt at using the hand carders that came with the wheel, blending some of the black Sheltand with some left over roving from Copperpot Woolies on Etsy. On the right, moorit Shetland -- this also came with the wheel and was lovely to spin.

I think from now on I shall try to be a better blogger an chart my spinning progress :) That, and getting my WIPs off the needles. I'm nearly there with the Monkeys, which I worked on this weekend while half-watching the football and now have just half a repeat and the toe of the second sock to go. I just wish it wasn't so bloody hot so I could actually wear them. Hurry up autumn.