Monday, 16 April 2007

Can I hibernate through summer, please?

Something is seriously wrong with the weather. It's April, it shouldn't be this warm. There certainly shouldn't be people out sunbathing. This is most unfortunate knitwise, since most of the projects I've set my mind on are distinctly wintery. Bother.

I made a list this evening of all the things I want to knit over the next few months. First of all obviously I want to finish my Jaywalkers and knit a pair of Waffle Socks for Nan. After that, seeing as I've already brought the super lovely yarn, I'm going to knit Ysolda's Lace-up Opera Gloves. I'm keen to knit a couple other gloves/mitts as well: Eunny's Endpaper Mitts and Tua Cha on MagKnits. I'd love also to have a go at getting the Mary Jane's Pithy Hat done in time for Spiderman 3, but seeing as that's really not far away now (yay!) and I don't have yarn and needles perhaps I might be pushing my luck. Feels nice to have lots of projects lined up anyway.

I'm in Oxford only until tomorrow then back up north again. On Wednesday I have a formal interview for a medical lab assistant post in Doncaster. Last week I had an informal chat and some tests, and I feel lucky to be called back again even if I don't get the job. It'll be an experience if nothing else. Only two and a half weeks left now til I relocate northwards properly. I'll definitely be sad to leave Oxford, but being able to be with my beloved permanently is more important to me than anything else.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Lots of goodies!

I feel very spoilt. A few days ago, a box of goodies arrived for me from my Lime & Violet swap pal. What can I say? I was absolutely thrilled to bits!

L&V Pr0n swap goodies

The picture above links to a biger version with clicakble bits. I feel very lucky to have such a great swap partner (thank you very much Margret if you are reading this!), esspecially since this was my first knitting swap. The Cherry Tree Hill yarn is fantastic -- the colourway is so very "me". I couldn't resist casting on a pair of Jaywalker socks right away and I'm really pleased with how the colours are showing up. On the train down to Oxford from Scott's today I turned the heel and started on the gusset of sock one. Makes me very happy :)

Since I'm on the subject of socks, Mum loved her Waffle Socks. I'm really relived, and extra pleased because my nan asked me if I can make some for her too, and I'm planning on doing something similar for my dad for Father's Day. Looks like lots of scok knitting ahead for me -- hurrah!

Friday, 6 April 2007

Lovely fibre and freaky feet

Oh my! Got to my parents' in Sussex yesterday to find a box waiting for me... my roving from Copperpot Woolies had arrived. I didn't even know I'd had it sent to them, so that was a big fluffy surprise! The roving is beautiful. I spent a lot of time fondling it last night while Scott and my dad were watching the football. I can't wait to get spinning, though part of me thinks I should resist a while until my spinning improves. I don't want to waste it by spinning a lumpy mess.

At the moment I a trying to find something suitable to ply my second skein of single with, but feel utterly clueless. In the meantime I'm spinning some natural fibre, much coarser than the stuff I started with thus a very new experience.

The second Waffle Sock is all but finished. I just need to do the toe and weave in ends. I had to ration the yarn for the first sock, thus the toe is a little "abrupt", but they fit me okay which is a good sign since my mum and me both have the same freaky big feet.

Mum's Waffle Socks

I' really enjoyed knitting this pattern. I didn't have too much trouble with it, which encourages me to perhaps have a go at something a bit more challenging. I'd like to revisit Hedera I think, since it utterly confused me when I attempted it before. If only I hadn't left all my DPNs behind!

Monday, 2 April 2007

Spinning and socks

Seeing as today was very bright and Spring-like, I decided to make use of the good light outside and take a photo of my first little skein of handspun yarn. It's very far from perfect, all full of coils and dangerously thin in places, but mostly I'm happy just to be getting the hang of the technique. I love my dear little spindle very much.

First yarn!

I've decided, at least for now, to keep each skein I finish in its own zip-lock bag with note on what I learned from its spinning: what I felt went well, what didn't, what I liked about the fibre, etc. Hopefully this will help me improve bit by bit. Hopefully! I've already spun the second ounce of handpainted fibre that came with the kit (lovely pale and hot pinks, with the odd touch of mauve)... washed and hung it up to set the twist today.

Other than spinning, I've also been working on my mum's Waffle Socks. Finishing of the toe of sock one forced my to learn the three needle bind-off since I managed to leave my yarn needles in Oxford before coming up to Scott's for Easter break. I'd like to say that was my subconscious telling me to learn a new technique, but no I'm just forgetful. Second sock is just coming up for the heel, so with any luck I'll be able to get them finished before we travel down to Sussex on Thursday. That is, if a trip into Doncaster market finds me some yarn needles tomorrow, otherwise I'm stuck for weaving in the ends.