Saturday, 10 March 2007

No spinning for me!

Oh bugger! Looks like my drop spindle kit arrived while I was away. Or tried to. Now I have to wait until next Saturday to get in redelivered. Even more frustrating, the "sorry, you were out card" is dated and timed only about half an hour after Scott and I left for the train station. Part of me wants to say it's just as well, since I'd only have ended up distracted by my new toy while I was meant to be working on my disseratation, but mostly I'm just peeved. Laura wants her spindle, damn it!

[Edit: it's here, it's here! Wonderful fibre-y joy.]

But anyway, I had a lovely time at Scott's last week, so I really shouldn't moan. It seems very strange being back all alone in my little student room now. I'm still (slowly) working on the first of the socks for my lovely, but have decided to rip out the heel flap since I wasn't paying it much attention and it's gone all wobbly. I guess that's what you get for knitting while watching Celebrity Fame Academy.

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Nifftyknitter said...

Hey Laura, it's your Secret Swapper here, just checking out your blog to see any new posts, also wanted to know if you had gotten the last e-mail I sent you. Chat later.