Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Lookie, a finished object!

It may not the knitted kind, but since this beast has eaten up the last three month of my life I thought it worthy of a mention. Behold, my dissertation:

My dissertation

11,430 words on "An Assessment of the Validity of the Orange Prize for Fiction" printed this morning on what must have been an entire tree, bound and submitted. Okay, so the maximum word count shouldn't have exceeded 10,000 plus 10%... yet given the fact that they were mean enough to make us included the abstract in this I feel justified in lying. After all, what are they going to do, count?

Feels fantastic to have it out the way. I might actually have time to do something other than eat, sleep and type now. To celebrate, I've just been very naughty given the miserable state of my bank balance and ordered myself some sock yarn and... spinning fibre!

My drop spindle arrived safe and well on Saturday. So far I'm having great fun, though given the above I've not been able to play for long periods yet. My first yarn is very overspun and wobbly thus far, but I think I'm vaguely getting the hang of it. Between spinning, drinking tea and curling up with a book, I think I've pretty much got tomorrow sorted :)


firedupfairy said...

Congrats on getting your dissertation finished! i can just hear a great big **sigh**!!!

Good luck w/ your new spindle. I've already got my eye on wheels on ebay. In fact, I think I'll putting a bid on one tomorrow morning~ last minute! I've had great fun w/ my drop spindle and am dying to try a wheel!

you should post pics of your spinnings :o)

Laura said...

Thank you! I definitely feels a great relief to have it done.

Good luck with the wheel :) Hope your bidding's a success. I'm avoiding looking at such things because alas I can't aford to let temptation get better of me right now :( One day...

Hopefully will be able to post some pictures of my wobbly yarn soon. By the way, I love your spindle!

Darren Grover said...

Hey Laura, how are things? It must've been a good few years since I last spoke to you! I randomly fell upon your blog the other day... get in touch e:dg32'at' (I've signed myself up to another 3 years at Sussex.....)

I hope all is well,