Saturday, 24 February 2007

I need more tea!

Dissertation procrastination has well and truly set in, which means I spend far too much time aimlessly surfing the internet (or else curled up in a ball) but alas not enough time knitting. As such my two current projects are coming along very very slowly.

The first is a moss stitch hot water bottle cover that I intended to be mindless but unfortunately seems to be rather mind-numbing instead. I love the way the moss stitch looks, it's just so bloody slow, and I fear winter will be well and truly over by the time I've finished it. Oh well.

Project number two is a pair of socks vaguely based on Thuja for my fiance Scott. These are much more fun. I spent Thursday afternoon curled up under a blanket working on the moss ribbing for the first while listening to the podcasts I've been stock-piling. Very cosy. I've decided to used allowing myself to spend a couple of hours similarly as a reward for each five hundred words or so I manage to type on The Validity of the Orange Prize for Fiction. That, and lots of tea. Anything to get motivated.

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