Thursday, 25 January 2007

Wintry goodness

Finished the Calorimetry the same day I started it and haven't stopped wearing it since. A day of knitting seemed to do my neck the world of good, thank goodness. And I thought it was just tea that was a cure for all.


I've seen a bit of debate on the Knitty forums as to whether or not the pattern is correct as published; but while I agree the picture to go with the pattern certainly doesn't seem to match what you get if you follow the instructions to the letter, I must say even if it is wrong I'm sticking what I've got. It's lovely and warm -- keeps the wind of my ears nicely so I can enjoy the wonderful wintry weather all the more.

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Nifftyknitter said...

WOW, you must be a quick knit. I want to do that project, but I know it would take me forever, but then again I work on 20 projects at once. BTW, I'm your Secret Swapper Pal from L & V. I just created a special Blog just for you to read. Will post to it once in awhile, so keep your eyes out.