Thursday, 11 January 2007

A real live sock

Goodness me, but sock knitting is fun. I finished one of the Thuja yesterday and am highly thrilled that it is actually sock shaped. True it my be a bit wobbly were I divided the stitches onto the wrong needles for the foot and has holes at the ankles where I missed picking up a couple of stitches, but it a real live sock and it even fits!

I'm going to cast-on and start the next one this evening, so I can have myself a comfy pair of bed-socks or "post-yoga" socks (for when I take up yoga again... this seems to be a recuring theme for me). Then all I have to do I wait until my student loan comes through to stock up on sock yarn and knit to my hearts content. Or dream I had more time to knit to my hearts content, while finishing my pesky dissertation. My dad is going away hiking in March, so I'd love to knit him a pair of socks for that. I wonder if I could knit some with little intersia mushrooms on in honour of his toe fungus? After all, it's almost a family pet (I love my family).

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