Thursday, 29 March 2007

The clarity red wine brings

Just got in from a rare evening out pup quizzing. Not quite wanting to go to bed yet, I decided to look back at the first sock pattern I tried to do, in an attempt to figure out where I went wrong.

I feel awfully stupid now. I finally figured out the reason I couldn't get the hang of the heel of this sock lies not so much in me not understanding the pattern, but in being daft enough to not realise sl1 was calling for me to "slip one" not "slip eleven". Poor pattern, I was cruel, got angry and frogged a sock all out of my own silliness. Oh dear.

In other news, today I got home to find a message asking me to attend an interview for a lab assistant job I applied for a few weeks back. Well, not so much an interview as a pre-interview chat, to see if I would be suitable for the position and thus worth interviewing. Either way, I'm still pleased! I've applied for over ten different positions so far, and this is this first of the lot so it is heartening that I should get such a response. Given that I am moving in with Scott and his family at the end of the month I am keen to find work and thus put myself to some use other than walking the adorable dog. The idea of not having anything to do scares me a little, if I'm honest. But I guess I'm just odd like that.

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WoolyWorm said...

Thanks for leaving a comment for me on Carrie Anne's podcast site. I was beginning to despair that anyone would respond at all and we're leaving for vacation in four days.

It's so funny. I listen to all the same podcasts you do except the Irish one and I may have to look that one up now. It's especially funny that you listen to GeekFarmCast ... Andrew and Misty are farther off the beaten path than, say, Lime & Violet or Cast-On.

From your site it look like you're starting out spinning with a spindle. I found spindle spinning a LOT harder than spinning with a wheel -- although I did finally catch on to it around Christmas this year. I bought some beautiful Clun Forest wool from a friend at our Guild's Christmas retreat and was given a handmade spindle in the Christmas gift exchange. I'm working on spinning and knitting a vest entirely out of rare wools.

I've searched the Internet as much as I could but it looks like nothing much is happening in the British Fiber world until May. Apparently there are all kinds of festivals coming up -- but after my trip. I'd love to be able to come back for the Welsh festival -- it sounds great.

Do you have any tips on wool shops in the Oxford area?

We're partly vacationing just for rest and relaxation and I expect to spend a few days just trolling around the Oxford area, browsing Blackwells, tea at the Randolph, dinner at the Trout, that sort of thing (my husband and I spent some time at the Randolph 23 years ago for our honeymoon). We're staying at the Peartree Roundabout Holiday Inn (don't blame me -- my husband made the reservation).

I'd be very grateful if you could direct me to any local wool stores.