Monday, 20 November 2006

Of scarves and socks and such

Finally managed to get back from my parents' house the black double-crochet scarf (my first crochet project) I've been working on for winter. I'm constructing it sideways and am quite pleased with how it is going so far, though am very impatient to get it finished so I can wear it. The weather's starting to turn gorgeous and crisp. Running out of the DK yarn I've been using for it though, so looks a trip to buy more might be in order this week (yay!).

I'm also determined to get some more work done on the Green Oddity over the next few days, since I've just finished a monster of an essay and have have something of a deadline lull for couple of weeks. Got quite a back-log of DVDs to enjoy while doing so. Lovely :)

Finally, my wrist-warmers I knitted for myself last year are starting to look a bit tatty, so I'm thinking I might have to make a new pair. Perhaps Fetching by Cheryl Niamath on Knitty. I'm not sure yet though, since I'm terribly attached to the old pair, bless them.

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