Monday, 27 November 2006

Black yarn needed

I have now completely run out of the black DK yarn I need for my crocheted scarf! Found a small, ancient ball at the bottom of my stash that kept me going for a while, but that's now all gone and the only stuff I could find locally was £3.50 a ball. Sod that for a game of soldiers when I can get some for £1.30 back home. I might have to ask my mum very nicely if she can buy me a ball and bring it up when she and Dad visit this weekend.

And I now also have a few balls of black worsted on my "to buy" list. Firstly for my new wrist-warmers -- I decided on these over Fetching in the end. They look much more cosy. Secondly, I stumbled upon a delightful pattern for an "As-Worn-By-Kirsten-Dunst Hat". I bow down to the glorious "make-me"-ness of it. Saw something similar while out shopping the other day, but dithered over buying it since a) I have no money to speak of, and b) I was sure there'd a pattern for making it out there somewhere. And so there was.

In non-black yarn news, I've at last moved into new lands and started on the heel of the Green Oddity. Have no idea how it's really going. I think they'll end up very scruffy bed-sock like, but I'm going to keep at it.

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