Saturday, 1 September 2007

First lots of spinning and a pair of socks

Today I finally got around to photographing my first skeins of yarn spun on my new wheel. Last weekend I washed them and set the twist, and it was a great feeling to see them all hanging on the washing line next to each other. The may be far from perfect, but I feel happy to be at least progressing a little bit.

Handspun attempts

The skein to the front I my favoutrite so far, and my first attempt a spinning laceweight. The fibre was wonderfully soft and lovely to spin. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed spinning the Shetland too, and really am growing very fond of working with undyed fibre. I've recently brought some undyed black alpaca (looking forward to trying a new fibre) that I plan to spin up and make my hat for winter from.

As far as getting my WIPs off my needles, as mentioned in my last post, so far I have only managed to finish the Monkeys (great pattern, great yarn!) ... not very good form really. Finishing these instead put me in the mood for more socks and thus I've cast-on a pair of Charades. At the start of the summer I had a plan to try to knit enough socks for each day of the week in time for winter so I'm justifying my slip up in claiming pursuit of this goal.

Finished Monkey socks

In non-fibre-y news, this week has been a very exciting one. On Wednesday Scott and I put in an application to rent a flat we'd been to view. We're being too cautious to say it's "ours" yet, but hopefully everything will go through without any major disasters. I'm really looking forward to having a little space of our own, with our own kitchen and even a little balcony for me to grow some herbs on :)

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Knittyknatty said...

Found you through Ravelry, you should move to Canada if you want winter all year long! ;) Well, we don't have winter all year long, but for maybe a good 6 months...
I like your handspun.